Project Information

The research survey is now closed.  Thanks to everyone who completed the survey.  Keep an eye on this website for future updates on the research results after the completion of my dissertation project.

Purpose of this Study

This research project is studying the information resources used by amateur athletes.  The aim is to understand how athletes find, organise and share the information they use to train, to compete and to measure their progress so that information providers, coaches and athletes themselves can gain a better understanding of the types of information, tools and guidance athletes need to help them succeed.


The research is being undertaken as part of an MSc in Information Science at City University, London.  The project researcher is Alison Pope and the research is supervised by Dr Lyn Robinson.  To contact visit the project contact page.

Your Participation

If you choose to participate you will answer questions about you as an athlete and your goals, general information resources related to your sport followed by specific questions on information used to plan your training, monitor activity during exercise and to log and analyse your sessions.  Please note this survey is for committed adult and senior/veteran age-group runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes and rowers who train regularly and are likely to have a particular training goal in mind.  You should be over 20 (eligible for senior competition) and training regularly in one of these sports to participate.

Taking the Survey

Apart from indicating you consent to participate in this research and choosing your main sport, all questions are optional and you can provide as much information as you choose.  For each questiton you only need select the options that apply to you.  However, the more information you can provide, the more valuable the research will be.  There are five sections in the survey.  Each section contains a set of structured questions  followed by space to write comments to provide further information should you wish to do so.  You can return to any question to modify your response before submitting.  You can also save the survey and come back to it at a later time.   

The survey will work on mobile devices but it is much easier to complete in a desktop browser and we would advise you answer it on a computer.  If you answer all the questions the survey will take 10-15 minutes to complete.

Data and Methodology

During the research, data will be collected via this survey tool. Data collected for this study is anonymous and asks for no personally identifiable information unless you provide it in your comments.  Saving your responses so you can complete the survey later will require you to enter an email address so the survey tool can send you a unique link to click on to return to the survey.  This email address is only used for this purpose and isn’t part of the data collected for research.  The survey asks for gender and age group demographics to help segment the data during analysis but you are not required to provide this information.  Any incomplete survey attempts will not be included in the research.  At the end of the research project anonymised data may be archived as a dataset for use by other researchers.  Findings from the research will be published in my Masters dissertation and related articles.

Consent and Withdrawal

All research participants must provide consent to confirm that they have read the project information and are willing to participate in the research and that any data they provide may be used as set out above.  You can withdraw your participation at any point up to the final submission of data by closing your browser window to exit the survey.  If you leave the survey without submitting or saving your response, any data already entered into this survey will not be used in the research.  Once you click the submit button you agree any data you contribute can be used as outlined in this project information.