My name is Alison Pope and I am a postgraduate MSc student at City University, London in the Department of Library & Information Science.

This blog has been created to support my research  in sport as an information domain.  The purpose of the site is to be a hub for collecting, curating and annotating resources relating to my research and writing original content to help me organise my thoughts as I go along in the spirit of reflective practice and learning.  You can also find me on Twitter or contact me to discuss my research.

My current research project is my masters dissertation on how amateur athletes use information to achieve their sporting goals.  My supervisor is Dr Lyn Robinson.  you can find out more about library and information studies at City by exploring the links in the sidebar.

This blog is complemented by two further companion resources I am intending to curate:

Particular useful or important resources provided by others that are helping my research are listed under the Useful Resources links in the sidebar.

I’ve also shared some links to my athlete profiles on services I use and to my favourite training tools in the sidebar.  I’m not entirely minimalist but I like to tuck my tracking device out of the way when I’m training and I don’t usually wear a watch and I don’t use a heart rate monitor.  They distract me too much from the trail around me, meditation to let my mind be free, my breathing and the feel of my body and form.  I share my data (sporadically at the moment due to injury) to Strava and RunKeeper mainly, I’m also trying out SmashRun.  My main logging tool and training diary is RubiTrack, a mac desktop application.

Elsewhere, I also author a more general blog about my work and ideas at 16blue.me and continue to write occasional posts on digital information at Digital Information Adventures, a blog that was part of the assessment requirement for the Digital Information Technology and Architectures (DITA) module on the MSc in Information Science.

The background images on the front page were taken by me at the Outlaw Half Triathlon in 2014.