The Internet of Dave

Like many of us, Haase has been maturing his own use of instrumentation, measurement and analytics to build his fitness through better training and recovery.

Sweat, grit and analytics to get to the finish line first
Doug Barton | IBM Big Data and Analytics Hub

This article from IBM features Dave Haase, an ultracyclist, and discusses how he is using his training data combined with Watson Analytics to both prepare for his race (the 3000 mile Race Across America) and make in-race decisions on when to sleep and when to keep pedalling.

Whilst most of us won’t compete at ultra distances leaving that kind of committed endurance competition to a select few, the articles provides an insight into how the devices many of us fix to ourselves and our equipment during activity create our own mini ‘Internet of Things‘ (IoT) or our ‘Internet of Athlete’.  Capturing this training data is something we might do automatically but how many of us then know what to do with it to help us “coax more out of our training”?

Watch Going the Distance with IBM Analytics


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